Who We Are and What We Can Do For You

Christian employers united to better serve our employees and impact the community.
Our Mission

CEA unites and equips Christian employers with guidance, unified legal strategies, and practical resources for the well-being of employees, organizations, and communities for God's glory.

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Member Benefits

Membership in Christian Employers Alliance means you are part of a united network and have access to unique, practical resources to reinforce your commitment to operating your organization with Christian values.

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Join Now

Membership in the Christian Employers Alliance is open to Christian employers (companies, non-profits, schools/universities, and churches) who are passionate about living out their faith in their workplace and agree to the CEA statement of faith and ethical convictions.

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Practicing Faith in the Workplace

Christian employers play a critical role in society by creating value with a commitment to productivity, integrity, excellence, and employee care -- all based on Biblical principles. The result is a sustainable organization which contributes to flourishing employees and positive community impact for God's glory.

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Healthcare Aligned with Christian Values

Christian Employers Alliance is committed to helping members with access to comprehensive, quality healthcare benefit plans that honor the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death and are consistent with Christian values.

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United for Impact

Christian Employers Alliance unites Christian employers to help impact the flourishing of organizations and communities. We work collaboratively with many organizations to affirm and encourage the critical importance of faith in the workplace, as well as to protect the Constitutional right to freely exercise Christian values in the workplace.

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