As a Christian business owner, you take seriously the biblical command to steward well the resources God has provided and to honor Him in all things. This is true – even down to the benefits you provide your employees. Yet government mandates, legal rulings, and titanic cultural shifts have made it more challenging than ever to navigate the benefits landscape. That is, until now.

Meet Covenant Choice  an initiative of Christian Employers Alliance, a partner whom you trust.




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While Covenant Choice offers all the benefits of a national, traditional employer health program that you require, it also allows you to unite with other Christian employers for practical, stable, affordable, and flexible benefit plans. Plans that align with your Christian values. If your company has 100+ plan participants, Covenant Choice may be right for you!


As a Covenant Choice member, you will have a self-funded plan for your employees, as well as Berkley Life & Health stop-loss coverage that’s based on your desired level of specific and aggregate limits. A win-win for you both.


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And, as a plan participant, you will receive customized quotes tailored to meet your specific needs, and you’ll share in premium reserves.

Covenant Choice is your solution to offering your employees Christ-honoring healthcare benefits.

Covenant Choice’s Value Proposition:

To provide shared ownership of a practical, stable, affordable, and flexible employer health program that aligns with Christian values.




Covenant Choice’s Mission:

  • National, traditional health plans, including PPO, HDHP, & HSA options
  • Cost savings from multiple areas, including shared premium reserves
  • Aligns with Christian principles
  • Transparent structure and costs
  • Multiple choices for individual company flexibility
  • Member-owned

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Christian Employers Alliance logo 2Covenant Choice is an initiative of the Christian Employers Alliance. To learn more, please contact Shannon Royce: [email protected]