Unite Now

Together We Stand Strong

Christian Employers Alliance (CEA) unites a vast array of employers who abide by their Christian faith and seek to promote the flourishing of their organizations and employees, and the communities whom they serve. 

CEA believes Christian employers exercising their faith in the workplace is an essential aspect of our economy, our constitutional Republic, and our daily Christian witness. Since the founding of our nation, the free exercise of faith has also provided a healthy and stabilizing underpinning to commerce and culture.  Today, all of this is at stake.

CEA uniquely understands the needs, values, and challenges of Christian employers. And, its leadership and legal counsel are motivated and qualified to serve and advocate on behalf of the CEA membership, as the number of cultural challenges and legal threats surface and expand.


Why Join CEA Now?

It cannot be overstated: The threat to Christian employers has never been greater.

With an Administration and Congress bent on unlimited access to abortion and mandates of sexual orientation and gender equality as civil rights despite the science, Christian employers are at grave risk.

By joining our Alliance, CEA members can access information and practical solutions regarding faith and work resources, complex regulatory matters, market power, and direction in dealing with governmental mandates contrary to Christian values.

When Christians unite to collectively understand and address the myriad of opportunities and challenges existing in our workplaces, in our communities, and in the broader culture, we can influence culture, benefit the common good, and glorify God. 

Join the Alliance today. There's a lot to lose — and even more to gain!